Rebel personalities: Canada’s far-right media




Rebel Media, Canadian politics, online politics, far right


This paper questions the influence of far-right media in Canada in light of the emergence of populist politics globally and the recent (2022) domestic truck protests, occupations and border blockades. In lieu of enumerating far-right activity online this paper questions the impact and funding sources of online influencers and news channels headed by former media and political staff. Canada’s Rebel Media organization has served not only as the leading far-right media hub, but also as an incubator of other personalities that have gone on to create other online news sites.

Author Biographies

Greg Elmer, Toronto Metropolitan University

Bell Media Research Chair and Director of the Infoscape Research Lab at Toronto Metropolitan University

Anthony Burton, Simon Fraser University, Digital Democracies Institute

SSHRC Joseph Armand Bombardier Ph.D. scholar at Simon Fraser University’s Communications Department and a doctoral researcher at the Digital Democracies Institute.




How to Cite

Elmer, G., & Burton, A. (2022). Rebel personalities: Canada’s far-right media. First Monday, 27(5).