Election bloggers: Methods for determining political influence

  • Greg Elmer
  • Peter Malachy Ryan
  • Zach Devereaux
  • Ganaele Langlois
  • Joanna Redden
  • Fenwick McKelvey


This paper discusses early findings and methodological pitfalls of a study of a hyper–mediated election campaign in Canada. Web logs — or “blogs” — serve as the primary object of study. The paper focuses on possible sources of large scale data (aggregated blogger posts) and methods of determining the political influence of bloggers. A series of methodologies are proposed to resolve the over–reliance upon information aggregators and blog search engines provided by Google and Technorati.
How to Cite
Elmer, G., Ryan, P. M., Devereaux, Z., Langlois, G., Redden, J., & McKelvey, F. (2007). Election bloggers: Methods for determining political influence. First Monday, 12(4). https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v12i4.1766