The Library as a mediator for e-publishing: A case on how a library can become a significant factor in facilitating digital scholarly communication and open access publishing for less Web-savvy journals

Mikael K. Elbaek, Lars Nondal


Denmark is a small country but with a large and diverse scholarly publishing environment. There are many small journals, mostly in English. A majority of these see the potential in online publishing but do not have the resources and capabilities to do so. Furthermore they have a conservative business model (i.e. finances!) that doesn't encourage an open access publishing strategy. The Copenhagen Business School (CBS) Library provides a low risk environment for small journals related to the business school to make a gradual transition to e-publishing/e-archiving. Whether they at a later stage take the full step towards open access publishing remains to be seen. It is our firm belief that this gradual transition is essential for these smaller journals to eventually arrive online at all.

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