Planning, implementing and managing online repositories: Lessons learned from the KnowGenesis Library

Saurabh Kudesia


Established in 2005, the KnowGenesis Online Library for Technical Communication ( is India's first online repository dedicated to accelerate knowledge sharing and promote self-learning in the field of technical communication. The Library is available free of cost, requiring a one-time free registration to access available material. The popularity and success rate of the Library can be determined by the fact that within a year of its launch, it not only attracted more than 24,000 visitors and gained more than 1,500 subscribers, but also increased the volume of the hosted content from a few documents to more than 2,000 important documents, presentations, tutorials and links.

The KnowGenesis (KG) Library presents a unique case for repository designers to study the complex design and implementation process that contributed to the stability and overall success rate of the online Library.

This paper not only shares the designing and implementation challenges faced by the KnowGenesis team, but also presents the approach used to match the user requirements with the Library design. Based on the lessons learned during the process, the paper also presents specific set of guidelines and recommends methodologies that can provide critical assistance for developing and managing medium and large-scale repositories.

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