Whose space is MySpace? A content analysis of MySpace profiles

Steve Jones, Sarah Millermaier, Mariana Goya-Martinez, Jessica Schuler


This study examines the content of MySpace pages to reveal the types of personal information users disclose on their pages and the types of communication users engage in via through their MySpace account. The researchers performed a traditional content analysis on MySpace user profiles to learn about user characteristics and about the types of content posted on profiles pages. Findings showed a clear pattern of use of the site for creating and developing personal identities and relationships online. Findings show a high degree of control by users over private information, with very few users posting personal information such as telephone numbers and addresses. The results of this research contribute to an understanding of the use of MySpace as a social networking site, a communication tool, and a means of self-disclosure and identity formation.


MySpace; content analysis; user profiles; identity; relationships; social networks

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v13i9.2202

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