Toward a pervasive communication environment perspective


  • Ted M. Coopman San José State University



communication imperative, media, computer mediate communication


In a world where pervasive communication technologies facilitate an increasing percentage of human interaction, the traditional dichotomy between face-to-face and mediated communication (especially computer mediated communication) obscures more than it illuminates. This has impacts for both teaching and research. To address this, I propose a holistic approach: Pervasive Communication Environment Perspective (PCE). Represented as a graphic model, PCE illustrates the circular flow of information and communication across mediums, channels, and individuals. This provides a conceptual tool with practical applications for teaching as well as research.

Author Biography

Ted M. Coopman, San José State University

Ted M. Coopman (Ph.D. Communication, University of Washington, 2008) is a lecturer in the Department of Communication Studies and the Department of Television, Radio, Film, and Theatre at San José State University, San José, Calif.




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