Broadband policy: Beyond privatization, competition and independent regulation


  • Larry Press California State University, Dominguez Hills



During the last 25 years, telecommunication has moved away from government-owned or regulated monopolies toward privatization with competition and oversight by independent regulatory agencies – PCR policies. We present data indicating that PCR has had little impact on the Internet during the last ten years in developed or developing nations, and discuss the reasons for this. We then describe several ways government can go beyond PCR, while balancing needs for next generation technology, decentralized infrastructure ownership, and immediate economic stimulus. We conclude that there is a need for alternatives to the expedient action of subsidizing the current Internet service providers with their demonstrated anti-competitive bent. The decisions we make today will shape telecommunication infrastructure and the industry for decades.




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Press, L. (2009). Broadband policy: Beyond privatization, competition and independent regulation. First Monday, 14(4).