China’s Censorship 2.0: How companies censor bloggers


  • Rebecca MacKinnon University of Hong Kong



internet censorship china blogs


This study explores an under-studied layer of Chinese Internet censorship: how Chinese Internet companies censor user-generated content, usually by deleting it or preventing its publication. Systematic testing of Chinese blog service providers reveals that domestic censorship is very decentralized with wide variation from company to company. Test results also showed that a great deal of politically sensitive material survives in the Chinese blogosphere, and that chances for its survival can likely be improved with knowledge and strategy. The study concludes that choices and actions by private individuals and companies can have a significant impact on the overall balance of freedom and control in the Chinese blogosphere.

Author Biography

Rebecca MacKinnon, University of Hong Kong

Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong.




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MacKinnon, R. (2009). China’s Censorship 2.0: How companies censor bloggers. First Monday, 14(2).