Real vlogs: The rules and meanings of online personal videos


  • Aymar Jean Christian Annenberg School for Communication



youtube, online video, web series, authenticity, social construction


This paper explores what the “rules” of vlogging (video blogging) are: the various visual and social practices viewers and creators understand and debate as either authentic or inauthentic on YouTube. It analyzes a small, random set of vlogs on YouTube and highlight several controversies around key celebrities on the site. This essay concludes by challenging whether conversations around authenticity will persist in dialogues about online video.

Author Biography

Aymar Jean Christian, Annenberg School for Communication

Aymar Jean Christian is a PhD student in the Anneberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania. He researches Web series, YouTube, television and film.




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Jean Christian, A. (2009). Real vlogs: The rules and meanings of online personal videos. First Monday, 14(11).