The role of advertising in financing open access journals


  • Jan Erik Frantsvåg University of Tromsø



Open Access journal publishing, business models, advertising


In a number of articles or books, advertising is pointed to as a possible way of financing open access (OA) journals. Very little work seems to have been done on finding out how advertising actually functions as a source of financing for OA journals. A survey was carried out to explore the field, both why journals did not employ advertising, and how advertising was employed. The findings show little uptake of advertising among OA journals, and indicate that there is a lack of understanding of how advertising could best be employed.

Author Biography

Jan Erik Frantsvåg, University of Tromsø

Adviser, The University Library of Tromsø




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Frantsvåg, J. E. (2010). The role of advertising in financing open access journals. First Monday, 15(3).