No knowledge but through information


  • William Jones University of Washington



personal information management (PIM), personal knowledge management (PKM)


This article argues for the following: 1. Information is a thing to be handled and controlled; knowledge is not. 2. Knowledge can be managed only indirectly, through the management of information. 3. Personal knowledge management (PKM) is, therefore, best regarded as a subset of personal information management (PIM) – but a very useful subset addressing important issues that otherwise might be overlooked.

Author Biography

William Jones, University of Washington

William Jones is a Research Associate Professor in the Information School at the University of Washington where he manages the Keeping Found Things Found group ( He has published in the areas of personal information management (PIM), human-computer interaction, information retrieval and cognitive psychology. Prof. Jones wrote the book "Keeping Found Things Found: The Study and Practice of Personal Information Management" and also edited the book "Personal Information Management" (with co-editor Jaime Teevan). Prof. Jones received his doctorate from Carnegie-Mellon University for research into human memory.




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