Wikis and Wikipedia as a teaching tool: Five years later


  • Piotr Konieczny University of Pittsburgh



wikis, Wikipedia, teaching


Just a few years ago Wikipedia was seen as a barbarian invading the ivory tower. Now, an increasing number of academics recognize that it can be used as an effective teaching tool. The following paper is divided into two parts. It beings with a discussion of the advantages of using Wikipedia as a teaching tool, an activity that goes beyond a simple addition to the teaching repertoire, and allows contributing to our society through service learning and participation in an online community of practice. Contributing to Wikipedia benefits the students, the instructors and the wider community. The second part focuses on practice of teaching with Wikipedia. Building on my five years of experience in teaching with wikis and Wikipedia and holding workshops on the subject, I will discuss the most efficient ways to incorporate Wikipedia into one's teaching curriculum, highlight common problems and their solutions, and describe a number of new tools enhancing the “teaching with Wikipedia” experience.

Author Biography

Piotr Konieczny, University of Pittsburgh

PhD candidate in Department of Sociology




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