Achieving rigor and relevance in online multimedia scholarly publishing


  • Mark Anderson-Wilk Oregon State University
  • Jeff Hino Oregon State University



scholarly publishing, new media publishing, multimedia, peer review


This paper discusses the importance of relevance and rigor in scholarly publishing in a new media–rich world. We defend that scholarship should be useful and engaging to audiences through the use of new media, and at the same time scholarly publishers must develop and maintain methods of ensuring content accuracy and providing quality controls in the production of scholarly multimedia products. We review examples and a case study of existing scholarly publishing venues that attempt to maintain quality control standards while embracing innovative multimedia formats. We also present lessons learned from the case experience and challenges that face us in the scholarly publication of multimedia.

Author Biographies

Mark Anderson-Wilk, Oregon State University

Publishing Leader, Assistant Professor

Jeff Hino, Oregon State University

Learning Technology Leader, Professional Faculty




How to Cite

Anderson-Wilk, M., & Hino, J. (2011). Achieving rigor and relevance in online multimedia scholarly publishing. First Monday, 16(12).