Translating diversity to Internet governance


  • Philip M. Napoli Rutgers University
  • Kari Karppinen University of Helsinki



Diversity, Internet Governance, Policy


This paper examines the emergence of diversity as a guiding principle of Internet governance.  This paper compares how diversity is being interpreted and applied in Internet governance discourse and related research with its interpretation and application in traditional communications policy-making and policy research.  As this paper illustrates, a somewhat more narrow conceptualization of diversity has developed within the Internet governance context than has been the case in traditional communications policy contexts.  This pattern is also reflected in Internet governance-related diversity research to date.  To some extent, the Internet governance conceptualization of the diversity principle is becoming diffused into other related policy principles (e.g., access, localism), which may undermine its significance as a guiding principle of Internet governance.

Author Biographies

Philip M. Napoli, Rutgers University

Professor of Journalism & Media Studies in the School of Communication and Information at Rutgers University

Kari Karppinen, University of Helsinki

Postdoctoral Researcher in Media and Communication Studies at the University of Helsinki




How to Cite

Napoli, P. M., & Karppinen, K. (2013). Translating diversity to Internet governance. First Monday, 18(12).