Teaching Cyberian Politics


  • Leonard Williams




With a dynamic syllabus linked to a Web page of readings and assignments, such a course lets instructors relish the roles of facilitator and learner. Combining lectures and discussions with experiential work in the computer lab, the course covered topics ranging from the history and ontology of the Internet to the governmental presence and political activity now found on the World Wide Web. Students found the course exciting because it let them directly experience the unique aspects of cyberculture (e.g., interactivity) and access information resources that they will use time and again. Instructors will find the course helpful in developing students' critical thinking skills and expanding their understandings of politics and culture.|\N|\N|\N|\N|\N|\N|\N|\N|\N|\N|\N|\N|2007-01-16 12:25:14|2007-01-16 12:25:14|2007-01-16 12:25:14|3|0|1|\N|\N|\N|\N|\N|\N 599|258|3|38|Privacy Protection: Time to Think and Act Locally and Globally|\N|\N|What sorts of privacy can consumers expect on the Internet? How havepolicies been evolving - or not evolving - in the past twelve months? This article examines the unique aspects on online communications and interactivity and analyzes the real meaning of community in the context of the Internet.[1]|\N|\N|\N|\N|\N|\N|\N|\N|\N|\N|\N|\N|2007-01-16 12:25:18|2007-01-16 12:25:18|2007-01-16 12:25:18|3|0|1|\N|\N|\N|\N|\N|\N 600|258|3|38|Trust Management on the World Wide Web|\N|\N| (TM) is an emerging framework for decentralizing security decisions that helps developers and others in asking why" trust is granted rather than immediately focusing on "how" cryptography can enforce it. In this paper, we recap the basic elements of Trust Management: principles, principals, and policies. We present pragmatic details of Web-based TM technology for identifying principals, labeling resources, and enforcing policies. We sketch how TM might be integrated into Web applications for document authoring and distribution, content filtering, and mobile code security. Finally, we measure today's Web protocols, servers, and clients against this model, culminating in a call for stakeholders' support in bringing automatable TM to the Web.




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