Sprinting a media marathon: Uses and gratifications of binge-watching television through Netflix

Matthew Pittman, Kim Sheehan


“Binge-watching” represents a radical shift for twenty-first century media consumption. Why do people select this method of television viewing? A survey administered to 262 television binge-watchers identified factors that influence binge watching, several of which are somewhat different than factors impacting other types of television viewing. Factors salient for regular bingers are relaxation, engagement, and hedonism. For those who plan ahead to binge, program quality (aesthetics) and the communal aspect (social) also come into play. Those who binge on an entire series in one or two days value engagement, relaxation, hedonism, and aesthetics. We also discuss the theoretical implications and future development of uses and gratifications.


binge-watching; netflix; television; viewing marathon; uses & gratifications

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v20i10.6138

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