Tracking the imagined audience: A case study on Nike’s use of Twitter for B2C interaction


  • Jacky Au Duong Ryerson University
  • Frauke Zeller Ryerson University



Twitter, Imagined Audience, Heteroglossia, Mixed-Methods, Social Media, Case Study, Nike


Social media platforms have become the new centre of attention in business-to-consumer (B2C) communication. These interactions provide a rich source of information for businesses in terms of their customers’ preferences, backgrounds and behaviour. We introduce a multi-disciplinary theoretical and methodological framework based on studies in marketing, communication and computer-mediated communication, which aims to inform marketing professionals and academic researchers on how social media can facilitate B2C engagement.

Author Biographies

Jacky Au Duong, Ryerson University

Jacky Au Duong is a researcher and coordinator at the Centre for Communicating Knowledge at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada. His areas of interest range from social media, branding and marketing, communication, and public engagement.

Frauke Zeller, Ryerson University

Frauke Zeller is Associate Professor in the School of Professional Communication at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada. Her recent publications focus on Big Data in audience research, social media research mixed-methods, and Human-Robot-Interaction studies.




How to Cite

Au Duong, J., & Zeller, F. (2017). Tracking the imagined audience: A case study on Nike’s use of Twitter for B2C interaction. First Monday, 22(5).