Declarations, independence, and text in the information age


  • John E. Psarras
  • Athanassios P. Papakonstantinou
  • Kostas S. Metaxiotis



Within the last decade many projects have been implemented in order to provide Technical Assistance (TA) to countries, which have initiated their transition from centrally planned to market economies (such as some countries in Eastern Europe). The pace and the degree of success of this transition, which these economies and - most important - their societies are undergoing, will certainly have an impact on the global economy, politics, social security, democracy and peace. Monitoring and evaluation (M and E) exercises assist these TA projects in achieving their objectives, by providing management with information on the projects' implementation, so that structured decisions can be taken, if and when needed. In this framework, it became obvious that an overall M and E database system was needed. An Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System (IMES) was developed for the needs of the European Commission (DG1A).Its main objective was to improve management reporting, by extracting relevant information on the performance of projects from various monitoring and evaluation reports and by producing overall statistics at NIS (New Independent States) level.




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Psarras, J. E., Papakonstantinou, A. P., & Metaxiotis, K. S. (1999). Declarations, independence, and text in the information age. First Monday, 4(7).