Data management: The foundation for Web development in the retail and service industries


  • Susan M. Chard



The emerging knowledge society will be based on the trading of information. To achieve this we must collect data and collate information then use it intelligently to create knowledge. The Internet is potentially a huge warehouse of data. This volume of data is changing and growing at an exponential rate and should be stored and managed by database management systems. The accurate maintenance of the data is of utmost importance and cannot be left to uncontrolled processes. The means of extracting and delivering the information from this warehouse of data must be automatons, not people, as people cannot move at the speed of bits. Managing the data content of a commercial Web site is a major undertaking. Expanding a Web site to personalize the content provided to individual visitors, thus creating unique individual interactions, has been frustratingly elusive. Web site developers must use database technology to manage both the site content and the client information to enable profitable global scale retail and service activities. Web databases have the potential to deliver personalized content to each individual in response to the individual's Web interactions. To achieve this the individuals Web interactions must be recorded over time using database management systems. Web automatons will be required to vary the content delivered according to these interactions.




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