Terminal markets: Gender and online horse racing economies

  • Holly Kruse


This paper describes two parallel markets that are part of the contemporary online economy of horse racing–pari-mutuel wagering and racehorse rescue — both of which are driven by the emotional labor of participants and both of which are gendered. The expectation of participants in masculinely defined pari-mutuel markets is that they will invest resources to make a profit, while those involved in the femininely defined racehorse rescue market expect that they will invest resources and lose money, yet gain emotional rewards. Both markets reinforce the racing industry status quo in the United States, although the growing visibility of racehorses in need of rescue on social media presents the possibility for change in the industry’s treatment of its former athletes.

Author Biography

Holly Kruse
Associate professor in the Department of Communications at Rogers State University
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Kruse, H. (2016). Terminal markets: Gender and online horse racing economies. First Monday, 21(10). https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v21i10.6952