Interoperability and standards in a museum/library collaborative: The Colorado digitization project

Liz Bishoff


) is a collaborative initiative involving Colorado's archives, historical societies, libraries, and museums. The Project's goal is to increase access to the special collections and unique resources of the cultural heritage institutions through digitization. The CDP received a two-year IMLS grant, with the goal of further developing the collaborative, increasing the amount of digital resources linked through the CDP Web site, testing the guidelines and standards developed by the CDP and creating a model for statewide library/museum collaboration that can be adopted by other states.
To meet the objective of increasing access, development and adoption of standards or best practices for the description of digital objects was critical. The presentation identifies the key Project assumptions, the approach the CDP has taken to achieve the goal of increased access, as well as barriers. The second key area of standards for the Project is scanning. Establishing minimum scan standards, identifying quality control guidelines, and options for scanning all are needed to assure a degree of consistency and quality across these multi-institution projects.

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