Empowering women through the Internet: Dutch women unite


  • Karen Drost
  • Miriam Jorna




In The Netherlands, women are uniting to learn about computers and the Internet without the intervention of men or others who feel the need to show rather than to teach. Webgrrls-NL, which started in the spring of 1996, is one of the largest organisations of Internet users in Europe, and is developing into an influential power in both society and politics. Webgrrls-NL is seen as a practical organisation that does not get stuck in theory but works pragmatically. It organises training days and theme discussions, hosts a variety of mailing lists, supports new and established entrepreneurs, and provides a safe environment for women to experiment with a medium that is relatively strange to some of them. At present, activities of Webgrrls-NL include support for 10 mailing lists, two training days per year, three In Real Life (IRL) meetings per year for entrepreneurs, annual informal New Year gatherings throughout the country, and ad hoc IRL meetings when an occasion arises.




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Drost, K., & Jorna, M. (2000). Empowering women through the Internet: Dutch women unite. First Monday, 5(10). https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v5i10.794