Evoking presence in vlogging: A case study of U. K. beauty blogger Zoe Sugg





Presence, Vlog, Determinants, Sensory, Social


In this paper, we explore how video blogs (vlogs) evoke the sense of “presence”, by examining famous U. K. video blogger (vlogger) Zoe Sugg’s “Haul” videos. As a result of this analysis, we argue that vlogs could evoke presence through two main elements: sensory and social elements. Sensory elements refer to colour, camera usage, video image and sound qualities. Social elements are eye contact, facial expression, conversation and gesture. Past studies have rarely applied “presence” theory to vlogging. As vlogs have become a popular format on the Internet, this study could provide new directions for research into the experiences of vlog viewers. It also offers video bloggers initial understandings of how their content could affect their popularity by altering audiences’ feelings of presence.

Author Biography

Hantian Zhang, The University of Edinburgh

Hantian Zhang is a PhD Candidate at the Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh. With a background in Design and Digital Media, his research subject focuses on Content, Context and Presence in Video blogs. 




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Zhang, H. (2017). Evoking presence in vlogging: A case study of U. K. beauty blogger Zoe Sugg. First Monday, 23(1). https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v23i1.8107