A conversation: Queer digital media resources and research


  • Mia Fischer
  • Oliver L. Haimson
  • Carmen Rios
  • Adrienne Shaw
  • Mitali Thakor
  • Jen Jack Gieseking
  • Daniel Cockayne




The following is a panel discussion from QIS2 that in which five experts shared their research on queer media and technology. The panellists discuss a wide range of topics including trans people and surveillance online; trans identity and social media; online communities and feminist politics; the LGBT games archive; and digital vigilantism and sex trafficking. Uniting these diverse themes were a shared attention to the politics of queer visibility online that two of the editors of this special issue explore further in their opening comments.

Author Biographies

Mia Fischer

Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Colorado Denver

Oliver L. Haimson

President’s Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Michigan’s School of Information as of Fall 2018

Carmen Rios

Digital editor at Ms. and contributing editor at Argot Magazine

Adrienne Shaw

Associate Professor in Temple University’s Department of Media Studies and Production and School of Media and Communication graduate faculty

Mitali Thakor

Postdoctoral fellow in the Sexualities Project at Northwestern, with affiliations in Anthropology and Gender & Sexuality Studies

Jen Jack Gieseking

Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Kentucky

Daniel Cockayne

Assistant Professor of Economic Geography at the University of Waterloo




How to Cite

Fischer, M., Haimson, O. L., Rios, C., Shaw, A., Thakor, M., Gieseking, J. J., & Cockayne, D. (2018). A conversation: Queer digital media resources and research. First Monday, 23(7). https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v23i7.9255