Open Web annotation as collaborative learning




Annotation, Collaboration, Hypothesis, Learning, Open education, Open web annotation


This paper describes the use of open Web annotation (OWA) for collaborative learning among online communities. OWA is defined by the open standards, principles, and practices associated with the open Web. Specifically, this case study examines collaborative learning mediated by the OWA technology Hypothesis, a standards-compliant and open-source technology that situates collaboration in texts-as-contexts. Hypothesis OWA supports a repertoire of six collaborative learning practices: Affording multimodal expression, establishing connections across contexts, archiving activity, visualizing expertise and cognition, contributing to open educational resources, and fostering open educational practices. The use of Hypothesis OWA is then described in three online communities associated with scientific research and communication, educator professional development, and Web literacy and fact-checking. The article concludes by advancing three broad questions and related research agendas regarding how OWA as collaborative learning attends to linkages among formal and informal learning environments, the growth of both open educational resources and practices, and the use of open data as learning analytics.

Author Biography

Jeremiah H. Kalir, University of Colorado Denver

Jeremiah (Remi) Kalir is Assistant Professor of Learning Design and Technology at the University of Colorado Denver School of Education and Human Development. Kalir’s research about open web annotation has been supported by a 2017-18 OER Research Fellowship from the Open Education Group and a 2016 National Science Foundation Data Consortium Fellowship. He was chair of the American Educational Research Association’s Media, Culture, and Learning Special Interest Group, and is Co-PI of ThinqStudio, CU Denver’s digital pedagogy incubator.




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