Hoax E-mails and Bonsai Kittens: Are You E-literate in the Docuverse?


  • Angela Lewis




As a society we are still to a large degree on that first wave of enchantment and wonder with what the information superhighway has to offer us - instant communication with loved ones and colleagues - either next door, at the next desk or on another continent - beautifully word processed reports, elegant spreadsheets and shopping at midnight in Paris or reading the latest dissertation on Iranian politics. Our social mantra is very much 'is Internet, is good', and our logic is often placed around a misguided belief that if the information was found on the 'Net, then it must be good'. This paper discusses the importance of not only having the skills of computer literacy, that is defined as being able to use computers and software to navigate the Internet, but also the importance of information literacy, defined as the skill of being critically literate.




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Lewis, A. (2002). Hoax E-mails and Bonsai Kittens: Are You E-literate in the Docuverse?. First Monday, 7(8). https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v7i8.980