The social life of legal information: First impressions


  • Paul Duguid



The rapid development of digital technologies has given rise to numerous predictions about the future of the library and the university. Many of these predictions assume that both are, in essence, providers of information. The reactions of the law school and the law library to information technology present an interesting challenge to this assumption. The former has strongly resisted change, the latter has been quite transformed. The article suggests that this oddity cannot be explained in terms of information alone and offers instead an explanation in terms of practice, community, and institutions, ideas often missing from the manifestos of radical change. Failing to take these into account, proponents of change may actually be bolstering the very institutions that they seek to undermine, for the conservatism of legal education may in part help explain the radical transformation of the law library.




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Duguid, P. (2002). The social life of legal information: First impressions. First Monday, 7(9).