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Volume 27, Number 8 - 1 August 2022
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This month: August 2022
Unveiling 100 years of digitalization as a scholarly object
Digitalization is frequently mentioned in government policies and academic discourse where it is often being associated with expectations of societal rebirth and large-scale changes. However, little attention has been given to evolutionary aspects of the phenomenon of digitalization. This paper focuses on the concept of digitalization in a structured manner and answering the following question: How has the concept of digitalization travelled throughout academic discourse? By combining bibliometric data with genealogical analysis, digitalization traveled from specific contexts (medical use and information conversion) to a more general use after the turn of the millennium. Moreover, a pattern of convergence during the last decade surfaced, where digitalization became associated with ideas of a digitally transformed society.
Also this month
Facebook reactions as heuristics: Exploring relationships between reactions and commenting frequency on news about COVID-19
This study explores relationships between Facebook reactions and commenting frequency through the lens of a random sample of broadcast and newspaper news posts (n = 2,632) about COVID-19 in the United States. A main finding is that reactions on COVID-19 news posts in general — and the “like” and “angry” in particular — predict greater likelihood of comments on these posts. The topic of the post also plays an important role in both reactions and commenting frequency, suggesting people use these engagement tools in differing ways. Findings suggest that people may process reactions as heuristic cues that help them assess how much attention to pay to posts on Facebook.