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Volume 9, Number 8 - 2 August 2004 E–learning and language change — Observations, tendencies and reflections Abstract   HTML
Henrik Hansson, Sylvia Bunt–Kokhuis
Volume 25, Number 1 - 6 January 2020 'El Negro de WhatsApp' meme, digital blackface, and racism on social media Abstract   HTML
Ariadna Matamoros-Fernández
Volume 19, Number 2 - 3 February 2014 'Research in the wild' in online communities: Reddit's resistance to SOPA Abstract   HTML
Melissa Loudon
Volume 25, Number 1 - 6 January 2020 'This will be the WhatsApp election': Crypto-publics and digital citizenship in Malaysia's GE14 election Abstract   HTML
Amelia Johns
Volume 24, Number 8 - 5 August 2019 ‘Coherent clusters’ or ‘fuzzy zones’ – Understanding attention and structure in online political participation Abstract   HTML
Anders Olof Larsson
Volume 24, Number 12 - 2 December 2019 ‘Death by Twitter’: Understanding false death announcements on social media and the performance of platform cultural capital Abstract   HTML
Bjorn Nansen, Dominic O'Donnell, Michael Arnold, Tamara Kohn, Martin Gibbs
Volume 19, Number 9 - 1 September 2014 ‘MySpace bands’ and ‘tagging wars’: Conflicts of genre, work ethic and media platforms in an extreme music scene Abstract   HTML
Tamas Tofalvy
Volume 10, Number 4 - 4 April 2005 ‘Public eyes’: Direct accountability in an information age Abstract   HTML
Albert Meijer
Volume 22, Number 7 - 3 July 2017 ‘Something is rotten in the state of Denmark:’ Why the Internet’s advertising business model is broken Abstract   HTML
Eric Jardine
Volume 22, Number 9 - 4 September 2017 ‘Stop Fake Hate Profiles on Facebook’: Challenges for crowdsourced activism on social media Abstract   HTML
Johan Farkas, Christina Neumayer
Volume 24, Number 9 - 2 September 2019 ‘The new Middle East’: Jewish-Israeli exclusion of Palestinians in Facebook advertising Abstract   HTML
Yifat Mor, Ifat Maoz
Volume 24, Number 10 - 7 October 2019 ‘This time with feeling?’ Assessing EU data governance implications of out of home appraisal based emotional AI Abstract   HTML
Andrew McStay, Lachlan Urquhart
Volume 18, Number 11 - 4 November 2013 ‘You’re virtually there’: Mobile communication practices, locational information sharing and place attachment Abstract   HTML
Didem Ozkul
Volume 22, Number 7 - 3 July 2017 “And somehow it ends up on the Internet.” Agency, trust and risks in photo-sharing among friends and romantic partners Abstract   HTML
Rebecca Venema, Katharina Lobinger
Volume 16, Number 8 - 1 August 2011 “Don’t feed the troll”: Shutting down debate about community expectations on Abstract   HTML
Kelly Bergstrom
Volume 18, Number 1 - 7 January 2013 “Free as in sexist?” Free culture and the gender gap Abstract   HTML
Joseph Reagle
Volume 22, Number 3 - 6 March 2017 “Happy to provide the knives”: Governmentality and threats of violence via social media in the case of Roosh V and Return of Kings Abstract   HTML
Stuart Bender
Volume 22, Number 5 - 1 May 2017 “Stop Kremlin trolls:” Ideological trolling as calling out, rebuttal, and reactions on online news portal commenting Abstract   HTML
Asta Zelenkauskaite, Brandon Niezgoda
Volume 22, Number 4 - 3 April 2017 “The perfect guide in a crowded musical landscape:” Online music platforms and curatorship Abstract   HTML
Emilia Barna
Volume 24, Number 10 - 7 October 2019 “There are no girls on the Internet”: Gender performances in Advice Animal memes Abstract   HTML
Siân Brooke
Volume 19, Number 8 - 4 August 2014 “There’s no place for lulz on LOLCats”: The role of genre, gender, and group identity in the interpretation and enjoyment of an Internet meme Abstract   HTML
Kate M. Miltner
Volume 21, Number 4 - 4 April 2016 “Twitter, the most brilliant tough love editor you’ll ever have.” Reading and writing socially during the Twitter Fiction Festival Abstract   HTML
Joachim Vlieghe, Kelly L. Page, Kris Rutten
Volume 14, Number 7 - 6 July 2009 “You Looked Better on MySpace”: Deception and authenticity on the Web 2.0 Abstract   HTML
Lauren F. Sessions
Volume 19, Number 2 - 3 February 2014 “You may have a cancer-causing virus and not even know it” Fear appeals in online news Abstract   HTML
Brad Love, Michael S. Mackert
Volume 16, Number 4 - 4 April 2011 ”Extended infomercials” or ”Politics 2.0”? A study of Swedish political party Web sites before, during and after the 2010 election Abstract   HTML
Anders Olof Larsson
Volume 24, Number 11 - 4 November 2019 @JunckerEU vs. @MartinSchulz: How leading candidates in the 2014 European Parliament elections campaigned on Twitter Abstract   HTML
Shana Meganck, Jeanine Guidry, Marcus Messner, Vivian Medina-Messner
Volume 23, Number 6 - 4 June 2018 #anawarrior identities and the stigmatization process: An ethnography in Italian networked publics Abstract   HTML
Agnese Vellar
Volume 21, Number 3 - 7 March 2016 #DearCongress: A public letter Abstract   HTML
Elisabeth Montemurro, David Kamerer
Volume 21, Number 2 - 1 February 2016 #digitalactivism: New media and political protest Abstract   HTML
Jake Wallis, Lisa M. Given
Volume 21, Number 2 - 1 February 2016 #FailedRevolutions: Using Twitter to study the antecedents of ISIS support Abstract   HTML
Walid Magdy, Kareem Darwish, Ingmar Weber
Volume 20, Number 2 - 2 February 2015 #Hashtagging hate: Using Twitter to track racism online Abstract   HTML
Irfan Chaudhry
Volume 19, Number 1 - 6 January 2014 #NBCFail: A qualitative review of the shared experience as a social movement Abstract   HTML
Brendan O'Hallarn, Stephen Shapiro
Volume 22, Number 4 - 3 April 2017 #RIPINSTAGRAM: Examining user’s counter-narratives opposing the introduction of algorithmic personalization on Instagram Abstract   HTML
Martina Mahnke Skrubbeltrang, Josefine Grunnet, Nicolai Traasdahl Tarp
Volume 20, Number 10 - 5 October 2015 Kawaii meiru and Maroyaka neko: Mobile emoji for relationship maintenance and aesthetic expressions among Japanese teens Abstract   HTML
Satomi Sugiyama
Volume 22, Number 9 - 4 September 2017 100,000 false positives for every real terrorist: Why anti-terror algorithms don't work Abstract   HTML
Timme Bisgaard Munk
Volume 4, Number 12 - 6 December 1999 21st Century Markets: From places to spaces Abstract   HTML
Peter Fingar, Harsha Kumar, Tarun Sharma
Volume 18, Number 8 - 5 August 2013 3D printing community and emerging practices of peer production Abstract   HTML
Jarkko Moilanen, Tere Vadén
Volume 20, Number 3 - 2 March 2015 50 years on: Galtung and Ruge's news value factors revisited in online audience building for independent films Abstract   HTML
Nico Meissner
Volume 19, Number 8 - 4 August 2014 A balancing act: The ideal and the realistic in developing Dryad’s preservation policy Abstract   HTML
Sara Mannheimer, Ayoung Yoon, Jane Greenberg, Elena Feinstein, Ryan Scherle
Volume 20, Number 5 - 4 May 2015 A brief history of Facebook as a media text: The development of an empty structure Abstract   HTML
Niels Brügger
Volume 23, Number 1 - 1 January 2018 A case for digital squirrels: Using and preserving YouTube for popular culture research Abstract   HTML
Lindsay Kistler Mattock, Colleen Theisen, Jennifer Burek Pierce
Volume 9, Number 11 - 1 November 2004 A case for Indian insourcing: Open Source interest in IT job expansion Abstract   HTML
Casey O’Donnell
Volume 20, Number 5 - 4 May 2015 A change in the climate: Online social capital and the spiral of silence Abstract   HTML
Kim Sheehan
Volume 9, Number 7 - 5 July 2004 A comparative assessment of Web accessibility and technical standards conformance in four EU states Abstract   HTML
Carmen Marincu, Barry McMullin
Volume 22, Number 11 - 6 November 2017 A comparison of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn: Examining motivations and network externalities for the use of social networking sites Abstract   HTML
Mijung Kim, Jiyoung Cha
Volume 23, Number 7 - 2 July 2018 A conversation: Queer digital media resources and research Abstract   HTML
Mia Fischer, Oliver L. Haimson, Carmen Rios, Adrienne Shaw, Mitali Thakor, Jen Jack Gieseking, Daniel Cockayne
Volume 8, Number 7 - 7 July 2003 A copyright cold war? The polarized rhetoric of the peer-to-peer debates Abstract   HTML
John Logie
Volume 8, Number 1 - 6 January 2003 A Critical Analysis of the Adoption and Utilization of the Internet in Thailand for Educational Purposes Abstract   HTML
Noppadol Prammanee
Volume 23, Number 1 - 1 January 2018 A critical discourse analysis of how the telecommunications industry influenced VoIP deregulation legislation in 36 states Abstract   HTML
Gwen Shaffer
Volume 14, Number 6 - 1 June 2009 A critical examination of Blackboard’s e-learning environment Abstract   HTML
Stephanie J. Coopman
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