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Volume 24, Number 4 - 1 April 2019 The global gig economy: Towards a planetary labour market? Abstract   HTML
Mark Graham, Mohammad Amir Anwar
Volume 11, Number 2 - 6 February 2006 The great debate: Law in the virtual world Abstract   HTML
David R. Johnson, David Post
Volume 5, Number 12 - 4 December 2000 The Great Newspaper Caper: Backlash in the Digital Age Abstract   HTML
Richard J. Cox
Volume 17, Number 3 - 5 March 2012 The gross face and virtual fame: Semiotic mediation in Japanese virtual communication Abstract   HTML
Shunsuke Nozawa
Volume 4, Number 6 - 7 June 1999 The growth of internet telephony: Legal and policy issues Abstract   HTML
Emir A. Mohammed
Volume 18, Number 6 - 3 June 2013 The hammer of Hawking: The impact of celebrity scientists, the intent of extraterrestrials and the public perception of astrobiology Abstract   HTML
Rich Gazan
Volume 12, Number 7 — 2 July 2007 The Health Heritage Index findings on digital collections Abstract   HTML
Kristen Overbeck Laise
Volume 16, Number 7 - 4 July 2011 The Health Internetwork Access to Research Initiative (HINARI) in eligible American countries: Benefits, challenges and relationship to Internet use Abstract   HTML
Sheri V. T. Ross, Christina Buckles
Volume 12, Number 2 — 5 February 2007 The Hirsch index applied to topics of interest to developing countries Abstract   HTML
Volume 3, Number 12 - 7 December 1998 The Hi-Tech Gift Economy Abstract   HTML
Richard Barbrook
Volume 13 Number 8 - 4 August 2008 The Humanities in the Digital Age Abstract   HTML
Bruce Cole
Volume 17, Number 2 - 6 February 2012 The imagined audience on Facebook: Analysis of Estonian teen sketches about typical Facebook users Abstract   HTML
Maria Murumaa, Andra Siibak
Volume 6, Number 7 - 2 July 2001 The IMLS Digital Cultural Heritage Community Project: A case study of tools for effective project management and collaboration Abstract   HTML
Nuala Bennett, Beth Sandore
Volume 21, Number 2 - 1 February 2016 The impact of academic sponsorship on Web survey dropout and item non-response Abstract   HTML
Peter James Allen, Lynne D. Roberts
Volume 22, Number 9 - 4 September 2017 The impact of binge watching on memory and perceived comprehension Abstract   HTML
Jared C. Horvath, Alex J. Horton, Jason M. Lodge, John A.C. Hattie
Volume 5, Number 12 - 4 December 2000 The Impact of Convergence on the Competitiveness of the European Consumer Electronics Industry Abstract   HTML
Nicolaas Hazewindus, Pieter Ballon, Jean-Claude Burgelman, Finn Hansen, W. K. Hansen, Ulrik Jørgensen, Gerard J. Nauwelaerts, Alain Puissochet, Puay Tang, Tim Venables
Volume 22, Number 10 - 2 October 2017 The impact of customer images on online purchase decisions: Evidence from a Chinese C2C Web site Abstract   HTML
Mingming Dai, Leo Van Hove
Volume 8, Number 4 - 7 April 2003 The impact of cybercafes on information services in Uganda Abstract   HTML
Samuel Gitta, J.R. Ikoja-Odongo
Special Issue #8: A Web site with a view — The Third World on First Monday The impact of cybercafes on information services in Uganda (originally published in April 2003) Abstract   HTML
Samuel Gitta, J.R. Ikoja-Odongo
Volume 7 Number 4 - 1 April 2002 The Impact of Democratic Deficits on Electronic Media in Rural Development Abstract   HTML
Robin Koert
Volume 16, Number 4 - 4 April 2011 The impact of group attributes on communication activity and shared language in online communities Abstract   HTML
David A. Huffaker
Volume 16, Number 9 - 5 September 2011 The impact of industry structure on e-commerce initiatives in the developing world: Two case studies from Trinidad and Tobago Abstract   HTML
Alexander Vuylsteke, Simon Fraser
Volume 6, Number 5 - 7 May 2001 The impact of the Internet on Myanmar Abstract   HTML
Viola Krebs
Special Issue #8: A Web site with a view — The Third World on First Monday The impact of the Internet on Myanmar (originally published in May 2001) Abstract   HTML
Viola Krebs
Volume 12 Number 10 - 1 October 2007 The impact of the open access movement on medical based scholarly publishing in Nigeria Abstract   HTML
Alasia Datonye Dennis
Volume 24, Number 8 - 5 August 2019 The imperative to be seen: The moral economy of celebrity video game streaming on Abstract   HTML
Mark R. Johnson, Mark Carrigan, Tom Brock
Volume 19, Number 7 - 7 July 2014 The influence of parental and peer attachment on Internet usage motives and addiction Abstract   HTML
Patrick Chin-Hooi Soh, John P. Charlton, Kok-Wai Chew
Volume 18, Number 1 - 7 January 2013 The influence of parental factors on children’s receptiveness towards mobile phone location disclosure services Abstract   HTML
Hee Jhee Jiow, Julian Lin
Volume 8, Number 1 - 6 January 2003 The Institutional Design of Open Source Programming: Implications for Addressing Complex Public Policy and Management Problems Abstract   HTML
Charles Schweik
Volume 12, Number 3 — 5 March 2007 The interaction between technologies and society: Lessons learned from 160 evolutionary years of online news services Abstract   HTML
An Nguyen
Volume 8, Number 5 - 5 May 2003 The International Children's Digital Library: Description and analysis of first use Abstract   HTML
Allison Druin, Benjamin Bederson, Ann Weeks, Allison Farber, Jesse Grosjean, Mona Guha, Juan Hourcade, Juhyun Lee, Sabrina Liao, Kara Reuter, Anne Rose, Yoshifumi Takayama, Lingling Zhang
Volume 3, Number 10 - 5 October 1998 The Internet an International Public Treasure Abstract   HTML
Ronda Hauben
Volume 3, Number 3 - 2 March 1998 The Internet and Public Discourse Abstract   HTML
Phil Agre
Volume 6, Number 8 - 6 August 2001 The Internet and state control in authoritarian regimes: China, Cuba and the counterrevolution Abstract   HTML
Shanthi Kalathil, Taylor C. Boas
Special Issue #8: A Web site with a view — The Third World on First Monday The Internet and state control in authoritarian regimes: China, Cuba and the counterrevolution (originally published in August 2001) Abstract   HTML
Shanthi Kalathil, Taylor C. Boas
Volume 8, Number 12 - 1 December 2003 The Internet and the right to communicate Abstract   HTML
William McIver, William Birdsall, Merrilee Rasmussen
Volume 5, Number 2 - 7 February 2000 The Internet and university participation: The Sierra Leone experience Abstract   HTML
John Abdul Kargbo
Volume 12, Number 8 - 6 August 2007 The Internet and youth political participation Abstract   HTML
Mark E. Kann, Jeff Berry, Connor Grant, Phil Zager
Volume 13, Number 7 - 7 July 2008 The Internet as a tool for democracy? A survey of non-profit Internet decision-makers and Web users Abstract   HTML
Linda Jean Kenix
Volume 13, Number 11 - 3 November 2008 The Internet as social ally Abstract   HTML
Amy Tracy Wells, Lee Rainie
Volume 21, Number 5 - 2 May 2016 The Internet at the eco-village: Performing sustainability in the twenty-first century Abstract   HTML
Teresa Cerratto-Pargman, Daniel Pargman, Bonnie Nardi
Volume 4, Number 1 - 4 January 1999 The Internet cultural phenomenon: A bonafide curricular theme Abstract   HTML
Toufic Hakim, Pamela Prentice, Stephen Baker, John Pauly
Volume 9, Number 4 - 5 April 2004 The Internet in developing nations: Grand challenges Abstract   HTML
Larry Press
Special Issue #8: A Web site with a view — The Third World on First Monday The Internet in developing nations: Grand challenges (originally published in April 2004) Abstract   HTML
Larry Press
Volume 7, Number 10 - 7 October 2002 The Internet in India and China Abstract   HTML
Larry Press, William Foster, Peter Wolcott, William McHenry
Volume 7 Number 3 - 4 March 2002 The Internet in Schools and Colleges in Sierra Leone: Prospects and Challenges Abstract   HTML
John Kargbo
Volume 23, Number 7 - 2 July 2018 The Internet of Bawdies: Transmedial drag and the onlining of trans-feminist and queer performance archives, a workshop essay Abstract   HTML
T. L. Cowan
Volume 2, Number 6 - 2 June 1997 The Internet Oracle: Virtual Authors and Network Community Abstract   HTML
David R. Sewell
Volume 17, Number 5 - 7 May 2012 The Internet, selective learning, and the rise of issue specialists Abstract   HTML
S. Mo Jang, Yong Jin Park
Volume 20, Number 3 - 2 March 2015 The Internet, social networking Web sites and political participation research: Assumptions and contradictory evidence Abstract   HTML
Isidoropaolo Casteltrione
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