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Special Issue #2: Open Source — 3 October 2005 What did we learn from open source? Abstract   HTML
Ilkka Tuomi
Volume 17, Number 7 - 2 July 2012 What happens to my data? A novel approach to informing users of data processing practices Abstract   HTML
Bibi van den Berg, Simone van der Hof
Volume 6, Number 7 - 2 July 2001 What has straw in common with wheat?: A selective review of bibliographic control in the field of homiletics Abstract   HTML
Chad P. Abel-Kops
Volume 8, Number 5 - 5 May 2003 What is a library anymore, anyway? Abstract   HTML
Michael Keller, Vicky Reich, Andrew Herkovic
Volume 12, Number 4 — 2 April 2007 What is popular on Wikipedia and why? Abstract   HTML
Anselm Spoerri
Volume 11, Number 9 — 4 September 2006 What is your claim to flame? Abstract   HTML
Patricia G. Lange
Volume 23, Number 1 - 1 January 2018 What motivates the authors of video game walkthroughs and FAQs? A study of six GameFAQs contributors Abstract   HTML
Michael J. Hughes
Volume 6, Number 9 - 3 September 2001 What next for Internet journals? Implications of the trend towards paid placement in search engines Abstract   HTML
Robin Henshaw
Volume 12, Number 3 — 5 March 2007 What open access research can do for Wikipedia Abstract   HTML
John Willinsky
Volume 7 Number 2 - 4 February 2002 What the Cultural Sector Can Learn from Enron Abstract   HTML
Bernard Reilly
Volume 14, Number 9 - 7 September 2009 What value do users derive from social networking applications? Abstract   HTML
Larry Neale, Rebekah Russell-Bennett
Volume 18, Number 3 - 4 March 2013 What's on your mind? Social media monopolies and noopower Abstract   HTML
Robert William Gehl
Volume 23, Number 7 - 2 July 2018 What's queer about Internet studies now? Abstract   HTML
Jen Jack Gieseking, Jessa Lingel, Daniel Cockayne
Volume 11, Number 5 — 1 May 2006 What's the matter with the information technology workforce? Abstract   HTML
Manimegalai M. Subramaniam, Kathleen Burnett
Volume 2, Number 7 - 7 July 1997 What's the Right Economics for Cyberspace? Abstract   HTML
Michael H. Goldhaber
Volume 12, Number 6 — 4 June 2007 What's wrong with the patent system? Fuzzy boundaries and the patent tax Abstract   HTML
James Bessen, Michael J. Meurer
Volume 10, Number 1 - 3 January 2005 What’s the Buzz about? An empirical examination of Search on Yahoo! Abstract   HTML
Nicole Bladow, Cari Dorey, Liz Frederickson, Pavla Grover, Yvette Knudtson, Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Voula Lazarou
Volume 5, Number 10 - 2 October 2000 When beggers become choosers Abstract   HTML
Kasper Edwards
Volume 21, Number 1 - 4 January 2016 When countries become the talking point in microblogs: Study on country hashtags in Twitter Abstract   HTML
Aravind Sesagiri Raamkumar, Natalie Pang, Schubert Foo
Volume 7, Number 7 - 1 July 2002 When Internet Companies Morph: Understanding Organizational Strategy Changes in the 'New' New Economy Abstract   HTML
Robert Kauffman, Tim Miller, Bin Wang
Special Issue #6: Commercial applications of the Internet When Internet Companies Morph: Understanding Organizational Strategy Changes in the 'New' New Economy (originally published in July 2002) Abstract   HTML
Robert J. Kauffman, Tim Miller, Bin Wang
Volume 8, Number 10 - 6 October 2003 Where am I and who are 'we'?: Self-representation and the intersection of gender and ethnicity on the Web Abstract   HTML
Linda Leung
Volume 20, Number 3 - 2 March 2015 Where are the ‘key’ words? Optimizing multimedia textual attributes to improve viewership Abstract   HTML
Tatiana Pontes, Elizeu Santos-Neto, Jussara Almeida, Matei Ripeanu
Volume 17, Number 2 - 6 February 2012 Where do bloggers blog? Platform transitions within the historical Dutch blogosphere Abstract   HTML
Esther Weltevrede, Anne Helmond
Volume 10, Number 4 - 4 April 2005 Where does Web bibliographies’ author information come from? Abstract   HTML
Timothy Craven
Volume 14, Number 5 - 4 May 2009 Where is the cloud? Geography, economics, environment, and jurisdiction in cloud computing Abstract   HTML
Paul T. Jaeger, Jimmy Lin, Justin M. Grimes, Shannon N. Simmons
Volume 24, Number 3 - 4 March 2019 Which image types do universities tweet? Abstract   HTML
Emma Stuart, Mike Thelwall, David Stuart
Volume 9, Number 8 - 2 August 2004 Who benefits from the digital divide? Abstract   HTML
Brendan Luyt
Special Issue #8: A Web site with a view — The Third World on First Monday Who benefits from the digital divide? (originally published in August 2004) Abstract   HTML
Brendan Luyt
Volume 16, Number 6 - 6 June 2011 Who connects with whom? A social network analysis of an online open source software community Abstract   HTML
Cuihua Shen, Peter Monge
Volume 21, Number 7 - 4 July 2016 Who needs trust when you know everything? Dealing with information abundance on a consumer-review Web site Abstract   HTML
Andrew Michael Duffy
Volume 15, Number 5 - 3 May 2010 Who owns the mods? Abstract   HTML
Yong Ming Kow, Bonnie Nardi
Volume 11, Number 9 — 4 September 2006 Who supports Internet censorship? Abstract   HTML
Craig A. Depken, II
Volume 3, Number 12 - 7 December 1998 Who Will Create Metadata for the Internet? Abstract   HTML
Charles F. Thomas, Linda S. Griffin
Volume 13 Number 9 - 1 September 2008 Whose space is MySpace? A content analysis of MySpace profiles Abstract   HTML
Steve Jones, Sarah Millermaier, Mariana Goya-Martinez, Jessica Schuler
Volume 22, Number 10 - 2 October 2017 Why blogs endure: A study of recent college graduates and motivations for blog readership Abstract   HTML
Alison J. Head, Michele Van Hoeck, Kirsten Hostetler
Volume 1, Number 6 - 2 December 1996 Why computers are ineffective today Abstract   HTML
Frederick Bennett
Volume 23, Number 10 - 1 October 2018 Why digital natives need books: The myth of the digital native Abstract   HTML
Hildegunn Støle
Volume 17, Number 9 - 3 September 2012 Why first-year college students select online research resources as their favorite Abstract   HTML
James P. Purdy
Special Issue #7: Command Lines: The Emergence of Governance in Global Cyberspace Why Governments aren't Gods and Gods aren't Governments Abstract   HTML
Richard A. Bartle
Volume 14, Number 6 - 1 June 2009 Why Lakoff still matters: Framing the debate on copyright law and digital publishing Abstract   HTML
Diane Gurman
Volume 22, Number 5 - 1 May 2017 Why media companies insist they're not media companies, why they're wrong, and why it matters Abstract   HTML
Philip Napoli, Robyn Caplan
Volume 16, Number 11 - 7 November 2011 Why parents help their children lie to Facebook about age: Unintended consequences of the ‘Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act’ Abstract   HTML
danah boyd, Eszter Hargittai, Jason Schultz, John Palfrey
Volume 20, Number 11 - 2 November 2015 Why study technology non-use? Abstract   HTML
Eric P.S. Baumer, Morgan G. Ames, Jenna Burrell, Jed R. Brubaker, Paul Dourish
Volume 12, Number 1 — 1 January 2007 Why study users? An environmental scan of use and users of digital resources in humanities and social sciences undergraduate education Abstract   HTML
Diane Harley
Volume 14, Number 6 - 1 June 2009 Wikidentities: Young people collaborating on virtual identities in social network sites Abstract   HTML
Kerry Mallan, Natasha Giardina
Volume 22, Number 11 - 6 November 2017 Wikipedia: An opportunity to rethink the links between sources' credibility, trust, and authority Abstract   HTML
Gilles Sahut, André Tricot
Volume 20, Number 12 - 7 December 2015 Wikipedia: the difference between information acquisition and learning knowledge Abstract   HTML
J. Evans Ochola, Dorothy M. Persson, Lisa A. Schumacher, Mitchell D. Lingo
Volume 17, Number 9 - 3 September 2012 Wikis and Wikipedia as a teaching tool: Five years later Abstract   HTML
Piotr Konieczny
Volume 13 Number 10 - 6 October 2008 Wikiversity; or education meets the free culture movement: An ethnographic investigation Abstract   HTML
Norm Friesen, Janet Hopkins
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