Journal History

The Journal of Biocommunication has a robust history of publishing relevant content in the visual communication of science and medicine. 

The BioCommunications Association (BCA) first published the Journal of the Biological Photographic Association (JPBA) in September of 1932. This publication contined under that name through October 1979. In January of 1980, the JPBA changed its name to the Journal of Biological Photography (JBP), and continued to publish under that name through 1999.

The Journal of Biocommunication (JBC) was first published in 1974, combining the publishing interests of the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI), the Health and Science Communications Association (HeSCA), and the Association of Biocommunication Directors (ABCD).

The JBP was incorporated into the JBC in 2000, combining the publishing interests of the AMI, BCA, ABCD, and HeSCA. The final traditionaly printed JBC occured in December 2004 with the publication of the JBC compendium for that year (JBC Volume 30, Numbers 1-4, 2004).

The Australian Institute of Medical and Biological Illustration (AIMBI) joined the JBC publishing consortium in 2006 with JBC issue 32-2. The AIMBI particiapted in the JBC through 2008 (JBC issue 34-2).

The Journal Management Board would like to thank those early JBC Board members, advisors, editors, authors, and our loyal associations, who so steadfastly supported the JBC (and JBPA/JBP) during those early years. This has been a rewarding endeavor and labor of love for all those associated with the Journal. We look forward to many more years of academic, visual, biomedical, and scientific publication.