Gallery - 2019 AMI Salon
The above composite image was created by Carolina Hrejsa.
"Beer Heart" poster © Todd Buck.
Photography © Ted Kucklick.

2019 Salon Opening
Photography © Ted Kucklick.

This Journal of Biocommunication Gallery features some of the award-winning imagery from the Association of Medical Illustrators' 2019 Salon exhibition.

The illustrations, interactive content, and motion media featured here were exhibited at AMI's annual meeting held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Each year the AMI Salon features extraordinary medical illustration, 3D models, books, and media from AMI members and medical illustration students worldwide. The entries depict anatomy, surgical procedures, molecular structure, medical research, genetics, bio-pharma concepts, animation, and interactive media.

AMI members have the opportunity to exhibit their work in either the Professional or Student categories, which then are further divided into categories such as instructional, editorial, advertising, and medical-legal.

Congratulations to all AMI Salon winners.






The illustrations featured in this JBC Gallery are copyrighted. Downloading or reusing the images, animation, or videos from this Gallery without the written permission from the illustrator is a violation of the creator's copyright.

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3D Interactive Surgical Module on Orthognathic Osteotomies 3D Printed Gastroschisis Infant 3D Printing a Chemo Sponge
A Patient's Guide to Bladder Cancer About Your Transsphenoidal Surgery An Interactive Website on Interpreting Adenovirus Transcription Map
Autologous Complete Tracheal Replacement in a 12-Year-Old Girl Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease Model Baerveldt Aqueous Shunt Insertion
Biomimicry: Mimicking the Masters Chronic Rheumatic Heart Disease  Combating Insulin Deficiency in Diabetes Mellitus Type 2
Controversies in Skull Base Surgery Deciphering Fossils with Ecomorphology Dental Biofilm, Dysbiosis & Disease
Duodenal Ulcers and Surrounding Anatomy Enabling Delivery of Life Changing Medicines External Ventricular Drainage Device
Facial Volumization - An anatomic approach Flora The Fornix and Related Structures
HiVolt: A Rapid HIV Viral Load Test Hockey Anatomy In Vitro Fertilization – What Happens in the Lab?
Kinundrum: A Problem-based Multimedia Learning Application for Undergraduate Kinesiology Education Lab Grown, Farm Fresh: Inside the Quest to Bring Lab-to-Table and Create Slaughter-Free Meat Life Cycle of the Shield Shrimp
Lyme Disease: Infection, Immune System Evasion & Progression Metaphoric Overview of Venous Disease and Therapeutic Strategies Morphology of Memory: The Anatomy of the Human Hippocampus
 Novel HIV Vaccine Research and Development Occupational Violence Prevention Pathway of the Greater Petrosal Nerve
Occupational Violence Prevention Real. Genuine. Heart. Robotic-assisted Partial Nephrectomy Surgery – John Doe
 Scent of Life Spine Augmentation for Treatment of Scoliosis The Cancer Paradox
The Pediatric Inguinal Canal/Descent of the Testes and Cryptorchidism The Physiology of a Mosquito Bite The Science of Giving
Unboxing the Bitterness: A Graphic Memoir on Grief & Chinese Funeral Traditions Using Light to Probe the Microscopic Virocop
Whipple Procedure with Multivisceral Resections and Vascular Reconstruction White Nose Syndrome

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