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Impact of Visual Scientific Data on Comprehension and Perception of Educational Animations for Biomedical Researchers

Isabel Romero Calvo, Leah Lebowicz, Christine Young, Kevin Brennan


Due to the rapid evolution of biomedical research, it is crucial to effectively communicate new technological advances in topics such as organoid models in cancer therapeutics to help improve health outcomes. Visual communication, including animation, has been shown to improve cognition and understanding of complex biological processes. However, there is contradictory information about the amount of detail that should be used for effective communication when utilizing animation.

Although it is known that the inclusion of detailed references increases the scientific community’s perceived credibility of the visualization, the effect of including visual scientific data is unknown. This research examines the impact of including visual scientific data in an educational animation by analyzing biomedical researchers’ perception of credibility and learning outcomes with respect to cancer organoid research.

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