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Visualizing the Neurobiology of Trauma: Design and evaluation of an eLearning module for continuing professional development of family physicians in the Online Psychiatric Education Network

Sarah Kim, Leila Lax, Dana Ross, Derek Ng, Diana Grossi, Renu Gupta, Sanjeev Sockalingham, Robin Mason, Valerie Taylor


Traumatic experiences can change brain structures and compromise emotional, cognitive, and bodily functions, thereby debilitating patients. Yet, trauma is not well understood by physicians and few educational resources are available, despite its prevalence. The goal of this design research project is to develop and evaluate 2D animations in a case-based eLearning module. Complexities of post-traumatic stress disorder, including physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, are difficult to teach, talk about, and visually portray. Results of this study elucidate effective design dimensions of graphic narratives, keywords, and animations.


medical animation, neurobiology, trauma, knowledge building, knowledge translation, design research

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