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Lymphatic Voyage: Communicating 4D Immune Cell Dynamics and Lymph Node Architecture using WebGL-based Animation and Interactivity

Li Yao, Lydia Gregg, Ronald N. Germain, Mark J. Soloski


Lymph nodes are secondary lymphoid organs where T
cells and B cells meet antigens to initiate adaptive
immune responses. The anatomical and molecular cues
direct the cell and uid movements to ensure that the
antigens can meet the right immune cells eectively1,2.
Advanced 3D imaging techinques1 allowed the scientists
to visualize the lymph nodes. However, Teaching lymph
node architecture and immune cell dynamics at the
cellular level is challenging due to the lack of visual
teaching tools. Lymphatic Voyage is a widely accessible
itneractive 3D app designed as an educational tool to
help instructors and graduate students.

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