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We have an amazing amount of content to share with you in JBC 42-1. The Management Board, editors, and reviewers are pleased to offer this content, and we continue to look for more opportunities to present innovative articles, imaging, photographs, and motion media to our readers. In addition to our regular JBC columns, issue 42-1 contains a new Published Abstracts section that serves as a showcase for medical illustration student research.

25 Years Ago in JBPA/JBP

In our column “25 Years Ago in JBPA/JBP,” Thomas St. John Merrill reviews content from JPB Vol. 61, No. 1 through 4 (1993). These JBP issues included a wide range of subject matter and photographic techniques that are still important to photographers and illustrators alike. In addition to his historical journalistic reporting, Thomas offers some keen insight into the photographic techniques being discussed by these authors in these older issues.


39 Years Ago in the JBC - Neil Hardy's 1979 Article

Beloved AMI member and Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Neil O. Hardy passed away on June 3, 2018. As a tribute to Neil, we are republishing his 1979 JBC article in its entirety within this issue. This 39-year-old article was first published in JBC Vol. 6, No. 1. In the article, Neil discusses the concept and production of an illustrated book, Childhood Injury. Neil’s article is a personal reflection of his approach to the business of book publication; it is humorous and as insightful today as it was in 1979.

Be sure to read the short JBC Editor’s Note at the end of Neil’s article that describes Neil’s fondness for "hiding" his children’s initials within his illustrations. (The Editors wish to thank Advisor, Tonya Hines, for her suggestion to republish this article as a tribute to Neil’s contribution to the profession.)


Featured Articles

“Illuminating Roman Vishniac: A Career in Biological Photography and Cinematography” is authored by long-time BCA members Howard J. Radzyner and Norman J. Barker. “Illuminating Roman Vishniac…” is without question a landmark article about a true pioneer in the field of bioscientific photography. This historical overview, complete with video clips, focuses on Vishniac’s life and his amazing work. 

With the discovery of Michelangelo's concealed neuroanatomical images in "Separation of Light from Darkness," by Ian Suk and Rafael Tamargo, there remained a need to investigate in greater detail the reasoning behind Michelangelo's depiction of imagery of the brain, brainstem, spinal cord, eyeballs, and optic nerves in the Sistine Chapel. In this article the authors attempt to provide key evidence to reveal the meaning and symbolism behind Michelangelo's concealed anatomic representations. “Neoplatonic Symbolism by Michelangelo in Sistine Chapel's Separation of Light from Darkness" is truly a remarkable work.


Published Abstracts

Research posters are widely used in the academic community to report on educational, clinical, and scientific research. In this issue we include12 research posters (with abstracts) from recent medical illustration graduate students. These research posters, presented at the 2017 AMI annual meeting, provided a summary of the student's research, final project, and/or graduate thesis. These research posters present topics in health assessment,, molecular biology, embryology, cancer research, learning methodologies, and other areas of general interest.



Our 42-1 Showcase recognizes the accomplished work of AMI member Neil O. Hardy. Neil’s work continues to impress us all, as he combines simplicity of style with his illustrative creativity. We include 40 of Neil’s illustrations for your review. The Chair wishes to thank JBC Advisor, Samantha Bond, for her help with the html content.



The JBC Gallery for this issue includes the 41 award winners from AMI’s 2017 annual meeting Salon exhibition. We hope that you will take a fresh look at these award-winning illustrations, animation, and media.


Feedback Appreciated

We rely on our readership for feedback about the Journal, and we invite you to share your thoughts with us about any of our columns and articles. We always appreciate your suggestions for improvement.

The Chair also wishes to acknowledge the contributions of April Ingram, our JBC managing Editor, for her ongoing efforts in our Journal management, article development, and proof reading.

Gary W. Schnitz, MA, CMI, FAMI
Chair, Journal Management Board

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Gary Schnitz currently serves as JBC Board Chair. He is a Past President and Past Board Chair of the Association of Medical Illustrators. He is also a Past President of the Vesalius Trust, and is the 2014 recipient of AMI’s Lifetime Achievement Award. He is a board certified medical illustrator living in Carmel, Indiana.


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