This Publisher's Comment provides an overview of the content for issue 42-2 of the Journal of Biocommunication. This publication represents our second issue of 2018, and it is our fifth issue designed for our new mixed publishing format. We are proud to republish selected JBC content from 29 years ago that reflects upon the amazing life and legacy of AMI member Robert J. Demarest.


Beloved AMI member Robert J. Demarest passed away on November 19, 2018. Bob spent his career at Columbia University's Medical School, first as head of Medical Illustration and then Director of the Center for Biomedical Communication. Bob received the Ranice Crosby Distinguished Achievement Award Medallion from the Association of Medical Illustrators in 1995, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association in 1989.

As a tribute to Bob, his accomplishments, his legacy, and mentorship to many of us, we proudly republish articles from the Journal of Biocommunication and the AMI News.

Bob Demarest's 1989 AMI Presidential Address

"You Can't Hide Behind a Line" was the title of Bob Demarest's 1989 AMI Presidential Address. The address was an essay about the importance of remembering the fundamentals of medical illustration and biocommunication in general. These concepts included: our uniqueness, having a knowledge of an audience, creating focus, developing creativity, and having a passion for what we do. May we all experience the dream that Bob Demarest envisioned for our profession and our Association. This Presidential Address was published in the AMI News in 1990. We think that you'll enjoy this look back at Bob's second Presidential Address.

NOTE: Bob was one of only a few members who served two terms as the AMI President. His first term was for program year 1967-1968. That year he presented his Presidential Address at the AMI annual meeting in Chicago. In that 1968 address Bob spoke of the "on-rush of new technology," reassuring the audience that, "the creator's role is paramount, regardless of the technology."

Robert Demarest: A Retrospective

At the 1989 annual meeting of the Association of Medical Illustrators in Dallas, Texas, Robert Demarest received the AMI's Lifetime Achievement Award. Neil Hardy presented "Robert J. Demarest: A Retrospective" during the meeting's Awards Ceremony. The following year Neil's presentation was published in its entirety in the Journal of Biocommunication, Volume 17, Number 4 (1990). The JBC Gallery in this issue included a selection of Bob's illustrations. We include these illustrations, as well as some more recent pieces. An illustration of a total knee arthroplasty is included here with the kind permission of The Lloyd Library and Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio. The heart illustrations are reprinted with permission of World Book, Inc.

Bob Demarest Creates Heart Illustration On-camera for TV Spot

Bob Demarest was the action and Jason Robards was the voice in a public service announcement for the American Heart Association's 1989 television promotion called "Your Life Is In Your Hands." The JBC has located this vintage public service announcement, and we are including this video to accompany our reprinted AMI News article about Bob's experience in creating this on-camera heart illustration. The actual video is presented with the kind permission of the American Heart Association.

Poster AbstractsResearch posters are widely used in the academic community to report on educational, clinical, and scientific research. Poster presentations provide the young author or researcher with opportunities to present their research in an informal conference setting. In this issue we include research posters (complete with abstracts) from 9 medical illustration graduate students. These research posters, presented at the 2018 AMI annual meeting in Newton, Massachusetts, provide a summary of the student's recent research, final project, or graduate thesis. These research posters present topics in patient education, 3D animation, haptic motor-skill simulation, surgery, medical legal visualization, interactive teaching, body cavity visualization, and animation styles. Poster PDFs are included, as well as published abstracts.

Showcase - Christine YoungOur 42-2 Showcase recognizes the accomplished work of AMI member Christine Young. Christine was the 2016 AMI Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

For the past 20 years, Christine has focused on translating molecular biology, disease processes, and innovation in biopharmaceutical products for medical animations and media. Her experience spans a number of therapeutic areas including immunology and antibody engineering, oncology, neuroscience, genetics, vaccines, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Christine is currently a faculty member at University of Illinois at Chicago's Biomedical Visualization Program.

Gallery - Biocommunications AssociationThe JBC Gallery for this issue includes the 41 award winners from BCA's 2018 BioImages exhibition in Savannah, Georgia. We hope that you will take a look at these award-winning photographs, illustrations, animations, and media entries.

BCA Awards include the Best of Show, Canadian Founders Award, Charles Foster Memorial Citation, Medical Education Award - Still Media, Medical Education Award - Motion Media, Medical Education Award - Graphics, Best Student Award, with numerous Awards of Excellence and Citations of Merit presented.

BIOIMAGES Awards were presented in the following categories: Still Media - Clinical, Still Media - Electron Micrograph, Still Media - Fine Art, Still Media - General Illustrative, Still Media - Natural Science, Still Media - Ophthalmic, Still Media - Photomicrograph, Still Media - Portraiture, Still Media - Specimen, Graphics Media - Brochure Flyer, Graphics Media - Medical Illustration, Graphics Media - Natural Science Illustration, Graphics Media - Poster, Motion Media - Interactive, and Motion Media - Video.


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