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The Case of Ken Lowery: Visual Knowledge Building and Translation of Volumetric Radiographic Imagery for Dynamic 3D Medical Legal Visualization

Amanda Miller, Leila Lax, Nick Woolridge, Anne Agur


Advancements in medical imaging technology allow for the use of 3D volumetric radiographs in personal injury trials. Volumetric radiographs provide more comprehensive information than 2D imaging (i.e. CT scans/MRIs) but are more complicated for a judge and jury (non-medical audiences) to understand. The purpose of this medical legal visualization research project was to create and evaluate a plaintiff expert witness presentation that incorporates volumetric radiographs, combined with 3D anatomical models and animated sequences to improve understanding of complex medical information (e.g. to clarify the full extent of the traumatic brain injuries) and to obtain feedback on design strategies.

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