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Abstract Welcome to the Journal of Biocommunication issue 43-1. The issue represents our first issue of 2019, and our sixth issue designed for our new mixed publishing format offering authors traditional publishing and open access options.


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IntroductionThe Journal Management Board is proud to publish JBC issue 43-1. We present three articles, our 25 Years Ago column, a Showcase, and a Gallery.

25 Years Ago in the JBPA/JBP

Thomas St. John Merrill offers his column, "25 Years Ago in the JBPA/JBP," as a look back at the legacy technology, photographic techniques, and equipment from years past. Thomas combines a reflective discussion of these articles with some of his own personal insight.


Thomas reviews JBP Volume 63, Numbers 1 through 4 that include content published by authors: Leon LeBeau, Kenneth Michaels, Barbara Katzenberg, Anne Shiras, Bryan Hardesty, Lewis Koster, Susanne Loomis, Will Renner and C. Allen Schaffer, Michael Morris, and William Young.


Thank you, Thomas, for continuing to help our professions move forward by better understanding some of our past.

Medical Photography: Practices of
Graduate Students at Makerere University

This study comes to the JBC from authors at Makerere University College of Health Sciences (Uganda). The article delineates trends in medical photography practices among graduate students at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. The authors' data suggests that most graduate students at their institution first encounter medical photography in their classes, although some had taken their own medical photographs primarily using their mobile phones.


Usability Guidelines for an Online Image Database

In this article, authors Chang, Bliss, and Altemus review online images databases. The authors used established usability design principles to develop a set of 50 recommendations for improving database organization, navigability, and search functionality.


The authors conducted a resource audit of commercial and non-profit image galleries that are available online. These databases were evaluated using established criteria.Suggested organizational schemes for homepage design and search functions are described within thearticle's two wireframe templates.


The data accumulated in this study is included within a spreadsheet that can be used as a reference for similar investigations. A link to this downloadable XML file can be found on the 43-1 Table of Contents adjacent to the article.

Developing a Virtual Lab to Teach Essential Biology Laboratory Techniques

Authors Miyamoto, Milkowski, Young, and Lebowicz present "Developing a Virtual Lab to Teach Essential Biology Laboratory Techniques." In this project, a virtual lab for preparing a phosphate-buffered saline solution (PBS) was created to educate undergraduate biology students on essential laboratory techniques. The virtual lab being presented in this article includes animations and interactive elements to effectively communicate each step.

JBC Showcase

Our 43-1 Showcase recognizes the accomplished work of AMI member Bill Andrews, who was the recipient of AMI's 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award. This represents AMI's most significant award and is presented annually to an AMI member who has dedicated his or her professional life as a medical illustrator.


Bill currently serves as Chair of the Department of Medical Illustration, College of Allied Health, Augusta University. His teaching responsibilities have evolved over time, teaching traditional medical illustration techniques, as well as electronic media and multimedia courses. Bill also has developed a rigorous business practice course designed to prepare students for life beyond the university. In 2009, Bill became the youngest educator to win the AMI Brödel Award for Excellence in Education.


JBC Gallery

The JBC Gallery for this issue includes 54 award winners from AMI's 2018 Salon exhibition from Newton, Massachusetts. We hope that you will take another look at these award-winning illustrations, animations, and interactive media entries.


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Gary Schnitz currently serves as JBC Board Chair and JBC Co-editor. He is a Past President and a Past Chair of the Board of the Association of Medical Illustrators. He is a recipient of AMI's Lifetime Achievement Award, and is a Past President of the Vesalius Trust. He is a board certified medical illustrator living in Carmel, Indiana.



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